Tan Inc Black Chocolate Secret Reserve 200x Satin

Tan Inc Black Chocolate Secret Reserve 200x Satin
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Product Description

Size: 13.5 oz

Bake with our most addictive chocolate yet. Black Chocolate Secret Reserve transcends beyond your darkest tan to a new level of bronze with a Satin Finish for an uncanny, soft, almost velvet glow. A delectable Cake Batter blend utilizes a Cashmere and Contouring system for unparalleled moisturizing with a taut & toned appearance. Rich Chocolate Extracts & Max Silicones are the icing on the top, giving skin a healthy looking glow with a heavenly softness.

200X Satin Black Bronzers with DHA evoke the darkest color with a unique ubersoft glow

Cake Batter Cashmere & Contouring Blend smooths, hydrates, and tones for a youthful appearance

Double Dark Chocolate Extracts nourish with potent antioxidants for simply beautiful skin

ParabenFree, GlutenFree