Swedish Beauty BLISSFUL DHA Bronzer

Swedish Beauty BLISSFUL DHA Bronzer
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Product Description

Size: 8.5 oz

Pink Lotus + Orange DHA Bronzer

Stop. Smell. Breathe. Life is beautiful, and so is your glow with this Blissful Tanning Tonic! Enhance your mood and nourish your spirit with a blend of Pink Lotus + Orange that bring about feelings of tranquility and balance. Follow your happiness and fall further into bronze bliss with a combination of DHA and Caramel that provide dark, natural looking color. Euphoria awaits with this heavenly bronzer that’s here to present you color on cloud 9! How delightful!

100 Percent Naturally Derived Caramel + Pure DHA Immediate and delayed bronzers help boost your tanning results for golden bronze color that lasts.

Blissful Tanning Tonic™ Designed to encourage feelings of joy and exhilaration, Pink Lotus + Orange work to provide a pleasurable tanning experience with their comforting and happy properties.

TanStart™ Vitamin Blend Proprietary blend of natural ingredients fortified with Vitamins to help enhance your color and ensure smooth, healthy skin.

Hemp, Gluten, and Paraben Free For healthconscious tanners.

95 Percent Naturally Derived

Fragrance: Sparkling Sun Pink Lotus, Orange, Red Currant, Lemon Balm