Botanica Energizing Natural Bronzer

Botanica Energizing Natural Bronzer
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Size: 8.5 oz

Excite your spirit and let your soul shine! Live in the moment and radiate vitality with this Energizing Tanning Tonic. Promote motivation and inspiration with a blend of Grapefruit + Orchid that stimulates the senses and revitalizes your body and mind, all while 100 Naturally Derived Caramel gives you an immediate boost of bronze. Show the world your dynamic drive. Life is short, be fearless!

100 Percent Naturally Derived Caramel Provides an instant and visible boost to your color without the use of dyes, for custom bronze results.

Energizing Tanning Tonic™ Designed to invigorate your senses and mind, Grapefruit + Orchid work to inspire activity and alertness with their naturally motivating properties.

TanStart™ Vitamin Blend Proprietary blend of natural ingredients fortified with Vitamins to help enhance your color and ensure smooth, healthy skin.

Hemp, Gluten, and Paraben Free For healthconscious tanners.

95 Percent Naturally Derived

Fragrance: Blooming Bright Grapefruit, Orchid, Desert Peach, Sun Iris